unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC)

General Properties:

a.Specify gravity1.42 gm / cm3
b.Water absorption4 gm / cm2
c.FlammabiltyWill not support combustion

Thermal Properties:

a.Softening point80 °C
b.Specific heat0.25 cal / °C
c.Thermal conductivity0.13 cal / cm-h-C
d.Coefficient of linear expansion6.7 x 10-5 °C
e.Elongation at break10-50%

Mechanical Properties:

a.Ultimate tensile strength475-525 kfg / cm2
b.Compressive strength670 kgf / cm2
c.Flexural strength950 kgf / cm2
d.Impact stregth4-4.5 joules
e.Modules of elasticity3.2 x 10kgf / cm

Electrical Properties:

a.Volume resistivity1014ohm / cm
b.Surface resistivity1012ohm / cm
c.Power factor (at 10 cycles)3.0
uPVC is a non conductor of electricity and also non subject to galvanic of eletrolytic attack. Electrical equipments should not be earthened to (uPVC) pipes.


White (other colors are available on request).

One thought on “GM PVC PROPERTIES”

  1. I one thing i like about these PVC is that PVC is an inherently fire resistant plastic..PVC gaining more and more acceptance..and one more thing is that no maintenance required like coating or surface treatment..
    Pvc Pockets


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