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Gulf Plastic and Converting Industries (TahweelTM), is a multifaceted manufacturing company based in theUnited Arab Emirates, supplying various engineering systems for the construction sector.
With over 40 year experience in plastic pipe and fitting manufacturing in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan,TahweelTM has launched it’s first integrated PP-R and PEX pipes & fittings system for servicing a booming construction sector worldwide and in the Middle East in particular under the trade name of . With a newly established administration and head offices based in Sharjah, and a 40,000 square meter manufacturing complex based in Ras Al KhaimahTahweelTM is well on its way to become the regional leader in water supply and drainage systems.
 is a versatile, and comprehensive system for delivery of water and other fluids, used in applications of pressurized hot and cold water delivery as well as under floor heating in all modern residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.  offers the widest range of PP-R and it’s complimentary PE-X piping systems in the Middle East and North Africa, including Multilayer oxygen barrier pipes and Aluminum composite pipes in addition to the conventional piping systems.

We believe the quality of products and the support services provided at  are our main advantages.  This is translated in a very wide range of products that are produced with state-of-the-art machinery from the most reputed sources, and a very high-tech quality control system which ensures that this quality is always maintained, in addition to well trained and highly motivated staff on all levels of the company that are always committed to premium service at any time. 


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