Local upvc pipes

GM upvc Pipes & fittings

  • GM U-PVC pressure pipe is self-extinguishing and does not support combustion. Besides this GM uPVC pipe allows maximum possible flow rate and minimum friction losses due to smooth surface and thus it prevents biological growth of algae, bacteria and other micro organisms.

  • GM U-PVC Pipes are the best for water supply scheme, such us water supply distribution network, main line.

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  • GM U-PVC Pipes is very good for transporting of Chloride acid & other chemicals.
  • GM U-PVC Pipes are best for ventilation & disposing corrosive gases.
  • GM U-PVC Pipes of Large diameter can be used for sewer system.
  • GM U-PVC Pipes are very suitable for agriculture purposes such as for irrigation sprinkling pipe for farm land & other purposes.

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