Euro Gulf Pipe Fitting

Euro Gulf Pipe Fitting PPR uPVC HDPE complete range local manufactured in Karachi. Prices and Supplier in Pakistan. Contact Euro Gulf Supplier +92-321-2248975

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UPVC Pipe & Fitting

Euro Gulf uPVC Pipe Fitting made in Karachi for Drain Sewer plumbing materials.

EuroGulf uPVC Pipe suppliers in Karachi Lahore Islamabad Pakistan. uPvc for cold water supply HVAC & AC drain.

euro gulf pvc pipe astm sdr sch40 wall thickness table

EG Pipe fitting are available for drain sewer Plumbing material application in normal temperature  (till 59°).

EG PVC-U Pipe is a product of modern technology that offers reliable and durable service to a variety of users including contractors, engineers, operators, industries, utilities, and irrigation districts.

A number of performance advantages mean PVC Pipes now replace many traditional materials.

EG PPRc Pipes and Fittings

EG PPR-C is a complete piping system in Pakistan that conforms to International Quality and Safety Standards.

euro gulf ppr pipe fitting
Application EuroGulf PPR
  • Hot / Cold and Chilled Water Piping.
  • Industrial Piping for Aggressive Fluids.
  • Compressed Air.
  • Air Conditioning / Refrigeration.
  • Food and Beverage Processing.

Advantages of EuroGulf PPRc

  • Reduces Energy Losses.
  • Suitable for Potable Water and Food Processing Industries.
  • Design Life is 50 Years According to DIN 8077/8078.
  • Can Withstand High Flow Velocity.
  • Long Length ‘Can be Made by Fusion Jointing.
  • Reduce Chances of Short Circuit.
  • Low Cost of Transportation and Handling.
  • Reduces Jointing and Labor Cost.
  • Low Cost of Fittings Used.
  • Quick & Easy Installation.

HDPE Pipe & Butt Fusion Fitting

Euro Gulf HDPE Pipe fitting
Benefits of HDPE Pipe Fitting
  • Resistant to Corrosion, Abrasion.
  • No Growth of Bacteria, Algae & Fungus.
  • Suitable for Extreme Weather Conditions.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Maintenance Free, Durable & Long Life.
  • Non-Toxic and Non-Conductive.

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