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What is AGM PVC Pipes

AGM pipes, also known as PVC pipes, were commonly used for water supply and drainage systems in the past. They were made by mixing PVC Resin material.

AGM pipes were known for their resistance to corrosion, low thermal conductivity, and high mechanical strength.

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UPVC pipes and fittings are made of rigid plastic and are known for their excellent strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion and chemicals. They are lightweight, easy to install, and have a long service life.

UPVC pipes and fittings come in a range of sizes and shapes, including pipes with different wall thicknesses, fittings, valves, and couplings.

It’s important to note that UPVC pipes and fittings should be used according to their intended application and specifications. For example, some UPVC pipes may be rated for higher pressure and temperature than others, and using the wrong type of UPVC pipe or fitting can result in leaks or failure of the system.

When selecting UPVC pipes and fittings, it’s recommended to work with a knowledgeable supplier or contractor who can assist with selecting the appropriate materials for your specific application.

They can help ensure that the materials are installed properly and meet all relevant standards and regulations.


Schedule 80 PVC Pipe fittings

Schedule 80 PVC Pipe fittings AGM CPVC for hot water supply Plumbing Materials. Prices and Suppliers in Lahore Karachi Islamabad Pakistan. +92-321-2248975

AGM Schedule 80 high-performance extruders with advanced process control and monitoring system permit an increased rate of production over the entire diameter ranges, adhering to the highest quality.

Cpvc Fittings

Cpvc Fittings and CPVC AGM Pipes distributor and Supplier in Karachi Lahore Quetta Islamabad Pakistan. +92-32-2248975

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CPVC Fittings Features

  • ASTM F-439 Standard Manufacturing Standard of CPVC AGM
  • Color Grey
  • Sch-80 Pressure (15 bar)
  • Hot Water application (93°c max temprature)
  • Size range 1/2″ | 3/4″ | 1″ | 1-1/4″| 1-1/2″| 2″
  • Fittings name:
    • Elbow, Elbow 45°, Tee, Reducing Bush, End Cap, Socket, Union, Male Adaptor, Bridge Bend
  • Brass Fittings
    • Male Adaptor (Brass Valve Socket)
    • Female threaded Elbow Brass
    • Female threaded Tee Brass

AGM produces ASTM F441 Solvent Weld pipe in a solid wall
AGM CPVC pipes retain its mechanical strength at higher temperatures till 93° C.

WARNING: Flue gas temperature should not exceed 93° Celsius. CPVC pipe exposed to temperatures higher than 93° Celsius may melt or change shape, resulting in leakage of exhaust fumes and property damage.

Cpvc Pipe

CPVC Pipe product line is manufactured to meet the needs of residential, commercial, & industrial plumbing systems, and other pressure applications. With top quality raw materials and modern processing technology, our ASTM F411 pipe meets all industry standards in addition to our own rigorous quality control standards.

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Benefits of CPVC Pipe fittings

AGM Pipe and Fittings are trusted by residential and commercial buildings around the world. We over the most well established piping material in the Saudi Arabia market, which continually outperforms all other piping materials in key performance areas.

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From modest beginning in 1965, AGM has grown strengths to strengths over the years in manufacturing uPVC pipes, cPVC pipes & injection fittings. We have been expanding and diversifying rapidly & today we have been recognized as one of the leading company in Saudi Arabia and throughout Middle East in manufacturing of uPVC pipes, cPVC pipes and fittings under the brand name of ‘AGM’.

Our state of the art manufacturing facility situated in Jeddah Industrial City, Saudi Arabia, is equipped with the most advanced extrusion systems available today enabling AGM to supply wider range of uPVC & cPVC pipes ranging from diameter ½” to 8″ and 16 mm to 630 mm meeting international standards like DIN, ASTM, SASO & BS.

To facilitate further, AGM is supplying printed and unprinted warning tapes and solvents chemicals to meet project related needs of customers. Our production capabilities include but not limited to:

  1. uPVC pipes & fittings according to Saudi standard (SASO) equivalent to DIN standard ranging from 16 mm to 630mm.
  2. uPVC pipes & fittings according to ASTM ranging from ½” to 8″.
  3. cPVC pipes & fittings according to ASTM ranging from ½” to 2″.
  4. Wider range for uPVC & cPVC fittings.
  5. uPVC pipes according to BS.
  6. uPVC ducts and ducts accessories .

Quality Control

AGM maintains well equipped quality control laboratory to ensure the product meet customer’s specified & international standards. The various tests for pipes & fittings that AGM is carrying out include Impact Test, Pressure Test, Heat Reversion Test, Flattening Test, Water Absorption Test, Methyl Chloride Test, Dimension Checking etc.

AGM with its commitment to innovation and technical support achieves higher degree of customer satisfaction.


With its diverse range of pipes and fittings products, AGM covers large number of applications which include drinking water supply, irrigation, sewage, electricity, telephone and water department for underground ducts/pipes & the like both in domestic and export market.

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